What is Auto Debit?

If your organisation relies on the regular receipt of fees, donations, sponsorship etc., your cash flow could benefit greatly if that income were automatically transferred to your organisation's account rather than relying on those responsible for making the payments.

Your financial institution may be able to offer you a Direct Debit facility whereby it will periodically process a file of transactions which transfer funds from one or more outside accounts into your organisation's account.

However, before you can take advantage of the Direct Debit facility you must produce the direct debit transaction files to be processed by your financial institution.

Since 2000 Auto Debit has been making it easy for business and non-profit organisations to produce direct debit transaction files and directly debit the accounts of their customers and supporters.

Who developed Auto Debit?

Auto Debit was developed by Parkview Software Pty Ltd, an Australian company (ACN 052 870 756, ABN 52 052 870 756).

Parkview Software Pty Ltd was established in 1991.

As well as "off the shelf" solutions such as Auto Debit, Parkview Software also developes custom made solutions for government departments and the private sector.

Parkview Software Pty Ltd will be responsible for supporting you should you decide to purchase Auto Debit.
Parkview Software

What's new

We are now proud to present Auto Debit version 4 which is easier to use than previous versions, yet much more powerful allowing even the largest organisations to generate transaction files of any size.

And - for those of you who requested it, Auto Debit 4 not only handles debits, but credits as well!

If you already have a previous version of Auto Debit, please go to our Features page and check out why Auto Debit 4 is worth upgrading to.

If you have never used Auto Debit before, why not download it now and try it out for 30 days free of charge.

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