Step 1:  Enter your order

Enter details of your order below making sure not to leave any fields blank (if you are unsure what is required by any field, click the question mark (?) to the right of the field for an explanation).

Number of licenses: What's this?
Your organisation's type: What's this?
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Your organisation's address: What's this?
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Step 2:  Confirm the amount payable

Confirm that the amount payable (see right) has been calculated correctly before proceeding.

Please note that while the purchase price of Auto Debit 4 is a once only cost, each license is an annual fee which is used to pay for upgrades and on-going support.

Step 3:  Send your order

Print two copies of the order (ie. select "File", "Print" from the menu of your browser).

Keep one copy of the order for your own records and send the other copy together with a cheque for the amount payable to Parkview Software Pty Ltd, PO Box 66, Greenacres SA 5086.

Step 4:  Wait for our reply

As soon as your order is received a Tax Invoice and a Registration Key will be sent to the Contact Email address entered in Step 1 above.

If you have not already done so, you should download Auto Debit 4 and install it so that you can become familiar with it while you are waiting for the Registration Key.

Terms and conditions

You may freely download Auto Debit 4 and install it on one or more computers for the purpose of evaluation. While evaluating Auto Debit 4 you will be able to perform all tasks except transfer transaction files to your financial institution for processing.

If you decide to purcahse Auto Debit 4 you must use the order form above.

When you purchase Auto Debit 4 a Registration Key will be sent to you which will allow you to start transferring transaction files to your financial institution.

The number of computers to which the Registration Key is applied cannot exceed the number of licenses purchased on the order form, (i.e. if you purchase 2 licenses then the Registration Key may be applied to 2 computers). Each computer must be located on the same Local Area Network (LAN). If you have more than one Local Area Network where Auto Debit 4 is to be used then you must complete a seperate order form for each.

The Registration Key will last for one year after which it will expire. Thirty days before your Registration Key is due to expire, Auto Debit 4 will start reminding you to renew your registration. You will have sixty days to renew your registration. If you do not renew your registration within sixty days Auto Debit 4 will no longer allow you to transfer transaction files to your financial institution for processing. All other functionality of Auto Debit 4 will still be available to you and as soon as you renew your registration you will be able to commence transferring transaction files once again. No data will be lost if your registration expires. The cost of renewing your registration will be the cost of the licenses originally purchased on the order form, (the cost of Auto Debit 4 itself is a one-off cost).

While this product can be distributed to other persons or organisations for the purpose of evaluation, the Registration Key cannot be distributed, transferred or sold to another person or organisation under any circumstances.

To purchase Auto Debit 4 now, please fill in the order form above.

If you require futher information, please contact us.

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