Resellers wanted

If you would like to be a reseller of Auto Debit please let us know.

Our aim is to bring Auto Debit to as many organisations as possible, and you can be a part of that.

Who can be a reseller?

With the exception of financial institutions (eg. Banks, Credit Unions, Building Societies etc.), anyone with an ABN (Australian Business Number) can be a reseller.

Naturally, if you work in the Finance or Information Technology industries you will have greater exposure to organisations which can benefit from a Direct Debit facility, but that is not required.

We will be responsible for processing the sale as well as all support matters, all you have to do is recommend Auto Debit to your contacts.

More information

To receive more information about becoming a reseller of Auto Debit please fill in the form at right and submit it to us.

We will email you with further details within one working day.
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